Commlink Medical Answering Service App.

Commlink Mobile App lets healthcare professionals manage their messages from the answering service and enables them to be more productive and optimize the use of the service while complying to HIPAA, protecting all Personal Health Information (PHI)

Note: This version is for existing clients with subscription. For free trial please go to Support Page of this website

How does it work?

You are provided a dedicated contact number and your message originator (ex. hospitals, nurses, patients,…) are filtered by our healthcare trained answering service agents, 24/7, 365 days. You receive messages as you have instructed and the call flow is flexible according to your practice. Messages are labeled with message severity/urgency levels, call originator and call back information.

How does the app add value?

The app provides you with more interaction with our Answering Service team. It enables you to manage your current and historic messages which results in better productivity. The app enables you to do following:

About HIPAA conpliance

Messages and settings reside on a secured server. This can only be accessed by a unique username and password with prior authorization. SMS/text message resides on your phone and Mobile phone theft is a leading cause of HIPAA breaches. For double protection, there's also a unique app PIN you can activate in the settings. App accesses the server using secured authentication.

If phone gets lost, just call support and they will lock out your login credentials and app won't be usable. Furthermore, there's an audit trail because there’s complete documentation and call recording of each message from call originator to the recipients.